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Soof Designs Rillis Make a Splash at Bloomingdales
15 Jul, 2003
Soof Designs rillis, one-of-a-kind hand-quilted throws, have appeared in the fine linens departments of Bloomingdales in New York and Chicago.

Giant retailer Bloomingdales has been examining ways of becoming more hip and now. Based upon the extraordinary success of Soof Rillis in exclusive boutiques all over New York, Bloomingdales decided to bring a softer handmade touch to their linens floor by introducing Soof Rillis.

After the successful introduction of the Soof Designs brand by way of our rillis, Soof Designs is preparing a shipment of Soof Designs shower curtains to four Bloomingdales store locations all over the United States. Look for Soof Designs product at a Bloomingdales near you!